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Ishii-Tanaka Laboratory started full-scale activities in April 2007. By using complimentary approaches of bpth spectroscopic methods and electric anlaysis, we are making efforts to investigate the basic understanding of organic electronics to further improve the device performance. The spectroscoic research focuses on the electronic structure of organic materials and their interfaces. Especially, photoemission spectroscopic methods give us useful information on electrons, for example, what level of electrons are occupied and how they are lined up at the interfaces. That is, we have to know the seat where electrons sit on. In addtion, the information on dynamic behavior of electrons stored in organic molecule is also important to understand device performance. That is, we have to know how electrons move in device, too. To that, we have developped the various measurement methods with motto of By developping original methods available only in our lab, we performe unique researches. Besides tools, basic understanding and interrest to interdisciplinary fileds such as physics, chemistry, electronics engineering, organic and inorganic materials science are indispensable. We'd like to get such a wide range of understanding and knowledge.


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