Link building is about relationships.

Needless to say, one of the easiest ways to get quality links is to leverage the relationships your business already has.

One of the first link building activities we do with a customer is to ask them to make a list of vendors, customers, and friends who they think might be willing to provide a link.

Then, using our link building evaluation methodology, we evaluate each opportunity and set priorities.

Do not get me wrong, we do not run after every opportunity.

Relevance is important.

A high quality link is always desirable and can, in many cases, always provide significant value even with a low degree of relevance, but most personal contacts can only provide links that are not exceptionally authoritative.;uid=213562;sid=f77d8011c07d8386a903f1cc57c3dbc4,%202019&category=1;u=135843;area=summary;u=18997,47/k,224662

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