1621/5000 In captivity, when kept as a pet or for reproduction and sale, everything that the betta fish eats can be controlled to vary the brightness of its scales and its size. An adult betta fish can measure up to two inches, swim slowly and tend to be very aggressive.

What does the betta fish eat? The diet of the betta fish varies according to its environment. This fish is omnivorous, but prefers to follow a carnivorous diet almost completely. In their environment they consume live food such as zooplankton, mosquito larvae and other insects that require water for the development of their young.

In captivity the betta fish can be fed with:

Special food for goldfish or betta fish. Artemias Red worms Tubiflex worms. Grindal Mosquito larvae It should not be fed with food for goldfish or tropical fish, as betta fish requires more than 40% protein in their diet. You should not feed a betta fish in excess because it can cause severe health problems and death.

Live betta food must come from a trusted supplier, to avoid diseases caused by parasites in the fish. If it is not trustworthy, the most convenient thing is to offer the live frozen food, because the low temperatures destroy the parasites.

Where does the betta fish live? When it is free, betta fish live in stagnant or low water. This includes rice fields and flooded areas. Betta fish prefer temperatures that are in the range of 24-30 � C, colder or warmer waters will kill you. The betta fish is native to Asia.

betta fish companions If you want to learn how to take care of them, one of the pillars of your health is certainly feeding your betta fish. Learn what betta fish eat, what is the best commercial food, what live foods are best for them, and what you can feed your betta to improve their colors and make them brighter.

What the betta fish eat These are the healthiest foods for bettas. Betta fish are carnivores, and therefore their diet must be rich in protein. Betta eat fish food, in addition to frozen leeches, and live foods such as daphnia and artemia, which are small highly nutritious crustaceans. In freedom, the betta fish feeds on prawns, leeches and small insects such as crickets, grasshoppers and flies.

The variety in the diet of your bettas is crucial to lead a healthy life and show off vibrant colors. Actually there is not a single food that will make your fish suddenly intensify its color, but you must combine nutrients and achieve a good diet, as varied and rich as possible.

Surely you would not like to eat the same food either, so the ideal thing with your bettas is also to offer them a bit of diversity. You can try different brands of commercial fish food until you find one that you really like.

Also, be sure to give them live food such as daphnias a few times a week, and if it is not within your reach, you can give them natural food for frozen fish, for sale at pet stores.

Finally, it does not hurt that we offer from time to time some nutritional supplement to our fish, which contains astaxanthins, fatty acids or vitamins. Remember, if you make the diet of your betta be varied, you will surely be receiving all the nutrients you need to enjoy excellent health.


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